Dubrovnik Airport to Old Town

How to Get from Dubrovnik Airport to Old Town

Navigating from Dubrovnik Airport to the enchanting Old Town is a breeze, with transportation options catering to various budgets, from the economical and dependable shuttle bus to a more luxurious private transfer.

As you soar over the pristine waters of the Adriatic Sea, catching your first glimpse of Dubrovnik’s ancient walled Old Town, you can’t help but wonder, “How can I reach there as swiftly as possible?”

The medieval charm of the city, seen from above, becomes even more captivating when you’re strolling its ancient streets. Fortunately, traveling from Dubrovnik Airport to the Old Town is uncomplicated, and you have choices that fit different budgets.

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I’ve been to Dubrovnik twice and, on each visit, I’ve chosen a different mode of transportation from the airport to the city center. In this guide, I’ll walk you through the most effective ways to journey from the airport to the Old Town, including their costs.

How to Get from Dubrovnik Airport to the Old Town

There are six different ways to travel from Dubrovnik Airport to the Old Town, ensuring there’s an option for every budget.

  1. The Airport Shuttle Bus
    • The official airport shuttle bus is operated by Platanus, departing 30 minutes after each flight arrival.
    • This bus stops at two locations in Dubrovnik Old Town: Ploče gate and the bus station in Gruž, taking about 30-40 minutes to reach the Old Town.
    • Tickets can be purchased online or at the Platanus counter in baggage claim, costing €10.00 one way or €14.00 for a return ticket.
    • Although this is the official airport bus shuttle, there are other, cheaper bus routes departing from the airport to Dubrovnik Old Town, which I would recommend.
  2. Uber
    • Uber is available in Dubrovnik and provides one of the most convenient ways to reach the Old Town from the airport. You can order a ride on the app upon arrival without the need to pre-book.
    • Expect to pay around €26 one way for an Uber from the airport to Dubrovnik Old Town, with a journey duration of about 30 minutes.
    • Note that Uber drivers cannot drive within the city walls, so if your accommodation is inside, it’s advisable to ask your hotel for assistance with your luggage.
  3. Taxi
    • A taxi station is located at the airport’s main entrance, offering taxi rides to your accommodation. However, Uber is a more cost-effective option, as taxi fares can reach around €40.
  4. Private Transfer
    • If you prefer the convenience of a car waiting for you upon arrival, a private transfer is an excellent choice. A driver will meet you in arrivals, assist with your luggage, and transport you to your hotel.
  5. Shared Transfer
    • A shared transfer will take you from the airport to the bus station in Dubrovnik, and from there, you’ll need to walk to your accommodation. These transfers are timed with flight arrivals, so one will always be available upon landing.
  6. Driving Yourself
    • If you desire the flexibility of having a car during your stay in Dubrovnik, you can rent one at the airport terminal. However, I would only recommend this option if you plan to explore beyond the Old Town since a car is unnecessary within the city.
    • If you decide to hire a car, consider using Discover Cars to find the most affordable option. They compare various providers to offer you the best rates.

Getting Around Dubrovnik

When it comes to exploring Dubrovnik, the most convenient and immersive way to get around is by foot. The city’s major attractions are thoughtfully clustered within walking distance, creating a seamless and enjoyable experience for visitors. Dubrovnik’s Old Town, with its timeless charm and historic allure, is a pedestrian paradise where the cobbled streets and charming alleyways invite you to wander and discover its treasures.

One of the unique features of Dubrovnik’s Old Town is the prohibition of cars within its ancient walls. This car-free environment not only adds to the city’s enchantment but also guarantees a tranquil and pollution-free atmosphere, making it an ideal setting for leisurely strolls and exploration.

As you navigate the Old Town on foot, you’ll have the chance to fully immerse yourself in its rich history and captivating architecture. The city’s iconic sights, including the medieval city walls, stunning churches, and charming squares, are easily accessible by walking. You’ll have the freedom to explore at your own pace, discover hidden gems, and capture the essence of Dubrovnik’s unique character.

However, if your journey takes you to a restaurant or hotel located outside the city walls, there’s a convenient and cost-effective solution: Uber. The ride-sharing service offers a practical alternative to local taxis, often with more affordable fares and quicker response times. Ordering an Uber allows you to travel efficiently and comfortably, ensuring you reach your destination without any hassle.

Things to Do in Dubrovnik

Apart from exploring the city within its walls, Dubrovnik also boasts a stunning location on the Adriatic coastline, offering a unique blend of a city break and a beach destination.

Some must-do activities in Dubrovnik include:

  • Walking the city walls for breathtaking views.
  • Riding the cable car for unparalleled vistas.
  • Savoring ice cream at Peppino’s, known for its high-quality gelato.
  • Visiting Buza Bar, a famous cliffside bar with a view of the Adriatic Sea.
  • Kayaking to Lokrum Island to enjoy hiking, swimming, and a historic monastery.

Getting from Dubrovnik Airport to the Old Town: The Wrap Up

As you can see, getting from Dubrovnik Airport to the Old Town is incredibly convenient. There are transportation options to suit every budget, and you don’t even need to plan ahead. Just arrive, and you’ll be on your way to explore the captivating Old Town of Dubrovnik!

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